Leif Indigo Justham

Leif smiling about to take off

In honour of a wonderful human being, and a hero to those he met - Leif Indigo Taylor Justham - his family have created this website.

Leif believed we each have power to change the world for the better. He was driven by his convictions and his love of this earth and its creatures to bring awareness to issues causing climate change and habitat degradation.

On Monday 22nd March 2021 he set out from Adelaide to cycle solo and unsupported around Australia's Highway 1 to promote the need to divest from polluting industies.

Tragically, as he cycled across the Nullabor on Tuesday 6th April 2021 Leif was struck by a truck and killed.

The truck driver was arrested and charged with Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death. After a lengthy legal process he was sentenced on 15th December 2022.

What can you do?

If you are touched by Leif's story the most important thing you can do is to change your superannuation fund to one that does not invest in fossil fuels or polluting industries. More than 3 trillion dollars are invested across all Australian super funds and you can use the power of your money to make a real difference. Studies have also shown that ethical superannuation can outperform conventional funds.

If you want to ask your existing super fund or bank directly to change their investment practices you can use this template

There is another simple change you can make in your everyday life. Leif wanted us all to stop using 91 octane unleaded petrol. Australian petrol quality is only ranked 70th globally and is the lowest in the OECD with sulphur levels 15 times higher than permitted in Europe.

If you want to make a donation

There are two non-profit organisations that were close to Leif's heart. A donation to either would be wonderful and they are both tax deductible.

Australian Centre for Corporate Responsibility
Bush for Life

The Ride On Leif foundation continues Leif's legacy through the promotion of conservation, sustainability, decarbonisation and cyclist advocacy. Donations can be made to directly to Ride On Leif. BSB: 325-185 Account: 03884094

Politicians, News Reports and Reaction:

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Our Farewell

Images of our farewell to Leif can been found here


If you have memories or photos/videos that you can share of him, please email our family: memories@leifjustham.com

Some of the memories that have been shared or posted are visible here

We hope to set up a public site to view photos.


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